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High five job success

Exclusive Services

I offer services and solutions for organizations and professionals of all levels, from professionals new to the world of work to seasoned professionals looking for guidance or a career change.

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Career Coaching and Consulting Packages:



The Full Scale Career Change: For those who want to explore new career opportunities and need guidance on where to start.

  • 4 (Four) 60-min one-to-one sessions;

  • Materials to help identify your new career path;

  • Resume review and refresh + LinkedIn lookover;

  • Interview coaching;

  • 3 (Three) months e-mail support.​

Coaching for Success within my Organization: For those who want to stay and grow within their organization, but need coaching on career paths.

  • 4 (Four) 60-min one-to-one sessions;

  • Materials to help identify your purpose and passion;

  • Resume review and refresh + Interview coaching  (for those interested in applying to a role within their organization);

  • 3 (Three) months e-mail support.

New Leader, New Challenges: For new Leaders or those looking to freshen up their leadership skills.

  • 6 (Six) 60 min one-to-one sessions;

  • Materials focused on leadership styles and skills;

  • One-to-one leadership skill practice;

  • 3 (Three) months e-mail support. 


Training and Corporate Consultation Services



Expert Soft Skills training delivery:

  • In person;

  • Virtual (MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom);

  • A combination of both.​​


Corporate Consultation:

  • Employee Engagement: How do employees feel engaged, energized, and connected to the company mission?

  • New Hire Orientation: Does your program provide an environment the inspires a new colleague to stay?​


Priced per project, subject, and need; reach out to find the best solution for you and your organization.


Single Services:


For those who have specific career or organizational needs:

  • Individual Coaching Sessions:  One 60-minute session. Priced per session.

  • Resume Refresh: First-time resume that needs a once-over? Experienced professional whose resume needs an overhaul? Let's refresh that experience and let your story shine. Priced according to level (entry level, mid career, etc.).

  • Interview Prep: Landed an interview but not sure what to expect? I can help. We'll conduct a mock interview, complete with questions and feedback. Priced per 60-minute session.

  • Feedback Coaching: For leaders who want to ramp up their feedback-giving and communication skills with their team members: Priced per need; reach out to discuss the best solution for you!

  • New Trainer Skills: For those new to the training delivery field and could use some guidance on how to engage classes, deliver material, etc.: Priced per need; reach out to discuss the best solution for you!

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